Technology Tips: The Interactive Whiteboard App

Are you looking for an inexpensive alternative to the interactive whiteboard? Then check out Doceri! It’s an iPad app with remote desktop control that turns your iPad into the interactive whiteboard. And for only $30 for the desktop license (app is free), this is a bargain-basement find. Now you can annotate over your PowerPoint or demonstrate databases, the library web site, or any other application straight from your iPad. I like the freedom it gives you to move around. I think this is especially important for library instruction, as there is a lot of “doing” going on during a session. This is also a powerful tool for facilitating problem-based learning. For example, if students are provided with a research problem that they need to solve, you then have the opportunity to freely float through the classroom guiding groups as they work (in essence, scaffolding yourself), stopping to demonstrate solutions to the entire group with Doceri instead of demonstrating the same solution to individual groups again and again.

Want to learn more about problem-based learning for library instruction? Check out this case study.


One thought on “Technology Tips: The Interactive Whiteboard App

  1. I started off with Doceri, but then switched to AniMoby. I found that it works better – easy-to-use, no bugs, big library of ed-related clipart. Give AniMoby a try if you like interactive whiteboards

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