Mouse Mischief: An Alternative to Clickers

There are a number of free alternatives to clicker systems out there. Poll Everywhere and Socrative are two that come to mind. But, today I wanted to highlight one you may not be familiar with – Mouse Mischief by Microsoft. It’s a free PowerPoint add-in that allows you to connect up to 25 wireless mice to a presentation. Your students are then able to interact with your presentation with those mice.  You insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into your slide show, and then students use their mice as clickers to answer the questions (each mouse is assigned a unique icon). You get the polling feedback. While Microsoft has marketed this primarily to the K-12 sector, I see potential for it in smaller colleges where class sizes (and possibly budgets) are slim. It would be especially useful for those library demos in non-computer situations, and it does not rely on an internet connection to work. The only caveat is that it works best with Windows 7 (and presumably Windows 8) operating systems. If you are still stuck with Windows XP SP3, you can only connect up to 5 mice.


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