Do You Haiku?

A picture is worth 1000 words.

That’s the premise behind Haiku Deck, an iPad presentation app. This app allows you to create elegantly simple presentations using images and text. I like this presentation tool because of its emphasis on imagery. Visual imagery is a powerful memory tool, and Haiku Deck forces you to make images the central focus of your presentation. This results in more effective presentations (assuming that the images accurately convey the meaning of the text).

Think back to the most boring presentations that you have experienced. The presenter probably used too much text and not enough relevant images. That’s a very common mistake in making presentations. Just imagine how students feel when they have to sit through yet another one of those. No wonder they zone out or fall asleep.  Haiku Deck is the antidote to that.

Haiku Deck is also easy to share, embed in your web site (embed support varies among blogs), or export to PowerPoint. It’s also ideal for those with a wireless projector that is compatible with an iPad.

Here’s an example I created (click on image below):



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