Fun with Voki

Are you looking for a way to add some interest to your web site? Check out Voki, a free tool for creating speaking avatars. I can think of a few ways to utilize Voki:

  • Create avatars for library staff to introduce themselves on your web site.
  • Use Voki avatars for navigational guidance on specific web pages.
  • Let your Voki avatars provide library instruction bits in a tutorial.

Really, the use of  Voki is only limited to your imagination. And if you really like it, you can purchase Voki classroom for $24.95 (1 year). Voki classroom offers you more options for avatars, plus access to a classroom management system. Very cool product!  See my sample below:


4 thoughts on “Fun with Voki

  1. I like the use of the Avatar. Is this something that you can add to websites as well? I have a website that I have created for my class and I think having this feature would be really cool for my students.

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