More About MOOCs

Say "MOOC"...

Every time I turn around, I see something written about MOOCs.

I’m getting MOOC fatigue.

But, I did pay attention to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about MOOCs and librarians. I saw some great advice in this article:

“Take a MOOC or two to see what they’re really like. “You can’t be a valued adviser if you don’t understand what it takes to do one of these courses,” – Lynne O’Brien, director of academic technology and instructional services at Duke University

I agree with Ms. O’Brien a thousand percent. You can’t understand a MOOC until you’ve experienced a MOOC (or two) first hand. I’ve taken a MOOC, which I wrote about in a previous post.

So, as a blended librarian, here’s my advice on MOOCs:

  • if your institution is developing a MOOC, invite yourself onto the development team
  • information literacy skills aren’t enough for MOOC success – MOOCers need digital literacy skills
  • open courses require open sources
  • at this point, embedded librarianship is not feasible in MOOCs – in the future, I see commercial reference services as a possible solution for them

Also, keep in mind that the completion rate of MOOCs is less than 10% – people sign up for them for a lot of different reasons.


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