Library Partnerships: A ‘Secret Weapon’ for the Common Core

Your Common Core Secret Weapon

Right now, 46 states are in the throes of implementing the Common Core.

What concerns me most is the lack of resources and training that have been made available to make this happen. How can we improve this problem? Library partnerships between school libraries, public libraries and college libraries.

The Common Core means new opportunities for developing digital and information literacy skills. School librarians can take on leadership roles by helping teachers integrate the AASL’s Standards for the 21st Century Learner into Common Core curriculum (they are well-aligned). Public librarians can develop collections that support the reading requirements of the Common Core. Through assessment, academic librarians can monitor the changes in information literacy skills that should be occurring for entering freshmen in the coming years. They can also take the lead in training pre-service teachers and pre-service librarians on the Common Core and its alignment to ALA standards.

For all parties involved, that means working together to share knowledge and resources.

My advice for librarians:

  • Make connections with the school, public and/or college librarians in your local area.
  • Work together to become experts on the Common Core standards, and how they align with ALA standards ( NETS standards too).
  • Host forums or offer training workshops on the standards.
  • Work together to develop programs that support the standards across all types of libraries: reading programs, after school programs (e.g. maker activities), field trips (e.g. to the local college library).
  • Work together to develop a unified resource guide that supports teachers’, students’ and parents’ needs, and that is available from multiple access points (e.g. school web site, public library web site, college library web site).

It really will take a village to make the Common Core successful. Library partnerships can be a ‘secret weapon.’


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