Blubbr: Gamification without the Groan Factor

Have you ever tried to add gaming elements to your instruction only to get a less than enthusiastic reception? Gamification can easily go wrong. And considering the games that students are playing today, the expectations are high. So instead of pulling your hair out trying to create something super great, try instead.

Blubbr (still in beta) is a really cool tool that lets you combine trivia questions with video clips (called trivs). All you have to do is search and select a YouTube video of your choice, make a less-than-20-second clip of it, and then add a multiple choice question about the clip. Each triv requires at least 5 questions. And you can mix and match clips from multiple Youtube videos.

This is a great tool to integrate into information literacy instruction. You can use it as a warm-up at the beginning of class to introduce students to the concepts that will be covered, or you can use at the end of class (or section) to reinforce concepts learned. Think of it as a more gamified version of clickers.


Trivs are embeddable and can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon. Top scores are recorded for those who have blubbr accounts.

I’d really like to see blubbr offer an educational version that eliminates ads, allows for teacher and student accounts, and tracks student data. In the meantime, blubbr still serves as a fun and easy tool to integrate into learning.


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