Get to Know Knowmia, the Flipped Instruction Tool

So much of what we teach during a typical IL session are the lower level skills that serve as a foundation for information literacy. While students absolutely need those foundational skills, it’s the higher order thinking skills that we really need to be concentrating on in order to help students become independent learners so that they can become lifelong learners.  Flipping library instruction can remedy that problem. (See my previous post of flipping the one-shot session.)

Flipped instruction can be valuable, but is often done entirely wrong. Many instructors make the mistake of believing that by merely providing students with videos to watch outside of class, they’re ‘flipping the classroom.’ NO. That’s called ‘extending the lecture.’

Flipping the classroom requires interactive lessons to take place outside of class. Students need feedback in order to learn. And instructors need to know what students are learning. How do you know what students are learning if they’re just watching videos?

That’s where Knowmia comes in. It’s a great tool that helps you design flipped instruction the right way.

Knowmia allows you to combine video lessons with assignments  to develop a truly flipped approach to learning. You can upload a screencast or YouTube lesson, or create your own using Knowmia’s Teach app for the iPad. Then you can intersperse your lessons with questions (open-ended or multiple choice) using the Assignment wizard. You get notified when students have completed an assignment, at which time you can provide them with feedback. They can respond back to you.

And Knowmia is good for more than flipped instruction. It’s ideal for distance education and embedded librarianship. And it would also make a great online library orientation tool.



3 thoughts on “Get to Know Knowmia, the Flipped Instruction Tool

  1. I really like this suggested app. Knowmia seems like a great tool to integrate flipped instruction into lessons. Recently, my fellow school librarians and I were discussing ways that we can provide students who transfer into our school with the library orientation materials, without having to do one-on-one sessions with each student. At the beginning of the school year, all students receive a library orientation lesson, but with many transfer students, they also need to learn the guidelines and procedures. Knowmia might be a great way to ensure that each student understands the expectations. rather than simply watching a video or podcast, students can answer questions about the information provided in the Knowmia lesson. Thanks for the suggestion! I look forward to using this new instructional tool!

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