Why Librarians Need IDT Skills (from CILIP)

My guest post for the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP):

What is instructional design and technology?

Graphic of brain made of gears

Instructional design and technology is not particularly easy to define, so I will start with the official definitions:

Educational technology: “the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources” – Definition and Terminology Committee of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, 2008

Instructional design: “the science and art of creating detailed specifications for the development, evaluation and maintenance of situations which facilitate learning and performance” –Richey, Klein & Tracey, The Instructional Design Knowledge Base: Theory, Research, and Practice, 2011, p. 3

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3 thoughts on “Why Librarians Need IDT Skills (from CILIP)

  1. I just love your blog!

    Instructional design is so very important in schools, but the librarian is often not the first person to be consulted about it (maybe this is just a problem in Australia?).

    I work very closely with our school’s wonderful Learning Technologies Leader, who is a teacher by profession. Although we find overlap in our knowledge, it is quite clear that we each bring unique insight and professional knowledge to the table…

    It is unlikely that a school teacher will have a deep understanding of information and knowledge management, and unlikely that a librarian will know how to write a piece of curriculum (unless, in either case, s/he is a teacher-librarian). It is so important that librarians work together with teachers to achieve this whole view, and to prevent lopsided innovation.

    I think I will incorporate some of your information into my next meeting 🙂

    • Thanks Chelsea! The US has similar issues, one of which is defining the different roles, including the role of the teacher librarian as a technology leader. Right now, many of those who serve in a technology position (e.g., tech coach, tech integrationist) are not adequately trained in technology integration — it’s a rubbing point in the IDT field. I believe that, absent an actual IDT professional, out of all the different personnel within a school, TLs are probably the most knowledgeable about using technology to support 21st century learning. However, there is still a skills gap that needs to be addressed, esp. in the area of standards alignment and cross-curricular integration of technology-enhanced instruction. My hope is that eventually this skills gap will be closed in the pre-service stage.

      • I guess the more that educators and librarians work together, the closer we will get to that stage -even if it’s not formally recognised! The problem from my perspective is that the degrees here in Australia are not delivering what’s required for the various new librarianship roles. How many post grad certs does one have to do!? Lol! Perhaps if we can sort this out, there will be a formal avenue to train up as a Tech oriented Teacher Librarian. Right now it is one or the other; Teacher OR Librarian. Why on earth not both, at the undergraduate level? Maybe it isn’t a big enough money earner for the Universities.

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