Analyzing the Knowledge Practices of the ACRL Framework (Introduction)

Over the next several posts (or more), I will be closely examining the knowledge practices within each frame of the ACRL Framework, analyzing them through the lens of the 4 Facets of Information Literacy, and looking at how they can be applied practically in the context of an information literacy program. For each knowledge practice in the framework, I will ask the following questions:

  1. In which of the 4 facet(s) of information literacy does the knowledge practice fit?
  2.  What actions, behaviors, and/or interactions best exemplify the knowledge practice in the context of information literacy?
  3. What factors (e.g., epistemic beliefs) might impact the knowledge practice, either positively or negatively?
  4. What strategies might be most effective for supporting the knowledge practice? This includes instructional strategies for the classroom, as well as learning design strategies for the library as constructivist learning environment.

Stay tuned…



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